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Best of Home and Garden: Top 7 Houseplants for Clean Air and a Restful Slee...

Top 7 Houseplants for Clean Air and a Restful Sleep

10 Tiny Herb Garden Ideas That Will Fit in Any Apartment via Brit + Co.

10 Tiny Herb Garden Ideas That Will Fit in Any Apartment

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Potted plants for added interest in select locations?

Really loving this indoor has created beautifully by using all things Kmart except the 2 outer plants.

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24+ DIY Plant Stand ideas to Fill Your Home With Greenery

DIY Plant Stand ideas - Got a corner of your house in need of a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t a plant be just perfect for that space?

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Low light loving houseplants -- perfect for a small apartment with little natural light! Peace Lily and Snake Plant are also air purifying plants.

Houseplants for the Forgetful Gardener - Indoor conditions can be tough on plants, especially during winter when low humidity dries out potting soil quickly. To ensure success, look for houseplants that can take periods of drought. And try potting them in large containers; the smaller the pot, the more quickly it dries out.

Houseplants You Can't Kill

Love houseplants but often forget to water them? If so, here's a collection of great indoor plants that can take neglect. Houseplants for the forgetful gardener

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