CAN be?  Dames ARE poison.  Ever met a dame who wasn't poison?  Precisely.  ("Dame," by the way, is French for "poison.")

One of these days in going to compile a list of things pulp fiction dames purport to be.

Ladies in Hades by Frederick Arnold Kummer.    Mr Kummer, I salute you. The title of your book made me laugh like a drain for many minutes.

Dell Books 415 - Frederic Arnold Kummer - Ladies in Hades Frederic Arnold Kummer - Ladies in Hades Dell Books 415 Published 1950 Cover Artist: unknown . perhaps Frederick Smith or S. Jones or Roy Price

John Creighton. No So Evil as Eve. Ace D 247a. Cover art:  Harry Barton

gentlemanlosergentlemanjunkie: “John Creighton, Not So Evil As Eve, cover art by Harry Barton.

Tales From The Metro(rail)

Tales From The Metro(rail)

1941 edition of Junky published as Junkie: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict by William Lee, Burrough’s pseudonym