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Relaterad bild

Relaterad bild

Emma Kunz ~ “La cuaternidad es un arquetipo que, por así decirlo, se presenta universalmente. Es la premisa lógica de todo juicio de totalidad. Si se quiere llegar a un juicio de este tipo, éste debe tener un aspecto cuádruple. Jung

images from emma kunz books: - abstraction: new methods of drawing-hilma af klint, emma kunz, and agnes martin , yale & the drawing.

Adding mercury to mercury: the sensational drawings by the Weber brothers as they observed the changing wave fronts made by a drop of mercury into a pool of mercury, 1825.

Rene Descartes, The interpretation of light and its physiological reaction in the brain. Principles of Philosophy of 1644


yama-bato: Fun with Lines and Curves by Elsie C. Ellison, Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co.

Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura transforms single white sheets of special handmade paper into complex geometric wall reliefs.

Yuko Nishimura

Carl D. Anderson, Positive Electron, (1933)  Cloud chamber photograph of the first positive electron (positron) ever observed. A 63 million volt positron (Hρ = 2.1×105 gauss-cm) passing through a 6 mm lead plate and emerging as a 23 million volt positron (Hρ = 7.5×104 gauss-cm). The length of this latter path is at least ten times greater than the possible length of a proton path of this curvature.

Cloud chamber photograph of the first positron ever observed. Track of subatomic particle moving upward through cloud chamber and bending left (an electron would have turned right)

Emma Kuntz

Born into a family of Swiss weavers in Emma Kunz created mandala-like…

György Kepes Lichtenberg Figures (1951)

Lichtenberg Figures: A. von Hippel, 1951 by Gyorgy Kepes (U. Hungary Photographic enlargement on particleboard Lent by Department of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries Click image for larger view.

Centrana : Photo

universum-lateralis: “ Tibetan Thangka Painting: Goddess Green Tara Mandala with Syllable Mantra.