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Jajajajaja... pobre Thor, le han quitado todo el protagonismo

I have to confess, I really don't care about Thor, Thor 2 or The Avengers at all. They are not my kind of movies but ohmygod I love Loki so much! And Tom Hiddleston ♥

That's so far away!!! Don't make Thor ask for it again! You should probably make it come out now or else he and the Hulk will get angry. You don't want to make them angry. haha

" copies of Thor and The Avengers.mostly for Loki, partly for Thor, bit for Banner and Steve.if I want Stark, I'll watch Iron Man 3

Now that just mean.. >:

Haha Look at Thor, he looks so shocked that Loki would eat ice-cream before dinner. Well, who hasn't eaten dessert before dinner?


Avengers would have been a lot shorter if Odin had sent Frigga instead of Thor. I admit I would love to have seen Loki get pulled back to Asgard by an ear.<==I would've loved it much more than the actual Avengers movie

He’s a very considerate house guest. | 22 Reasons Why Thor Is The Most Underrated Avenger

22 Reasons Why Thor Is The Most Underrated Avenger

hahaha:) Captain America

Sam Wilson comes to regret helping Captain America find the Winter Soldier.-- lol I always loved the on "your left" reference through out the Captain America The Winter Soldier movie

Avengers 'I have a dream'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete epicness:D

The Tangled Avengers.this is pure brilliance wrapped in awesome. If you didn't sing it you're lying<<<I totally imagined Loki clinking two tiny unicorns together and Steve singing his part more than every other character

This is so sad and true!!!!!

I made a castle daddy, Wow! Daddy I made a castle too, no one cares Loki

Loki is Shego! Lol Omg! That makes Hego Thor!!!! 0.0

Even Trump is offended by this

Loki is Shego! That makes Hego Thor! Love this comparison given that Disney now owns Marvel.

Lokid (except it was always Loki...but this explains everything...)

Captain America is my favorite Avenger, I loved Loki from the start sooo.

I'm 100% fond of this man!

"Tom's thought for the day . and Loki's.<<<< I have to go with Tom's thought of the day. But sometimes I feel like going with Loki's"<------ I don't know why I laughed so hard at this. I completely agree with Tom's thought.

I cried.. But I knew they'd never actually kill off Loki. At least not yet anyway. But I still cried.

This was seriously the worst moment that I every experienced.I cried for like ever and still do when I see or think about it! 😢😩 I am so mad at the makers of "Thor" for killing him right out of the movie😤😳👊👎

All the things we have

I laughed wayyy too hard when I reached Sam and to this day love love love love that scene. <<<== The "Jar of dirt" part is my fav because my family came up with it during a game, and now it's an inside joke XD

Good morning, world. Hopefully this will put a smile on your face...

"Actually, you're both weirdos. Captain America was the cutest" and "Ridiculous pet superheroes" got me.

Loki as Captain America in Thor: Probably my favorite part:)

FACT: This scene was originally done by Tom wearing the Captain America suit. The voice you hear in the scene is Tom Hiddleston's actual impersonation of Captain America. The cameo is Chris Evans impersonating Tom Hiddleston impersonating Captain America.

● Laufeyson   a YouTube/ fan video ~what if... Thor movie trailer from Loki's point of view. Powerfully well done! };-}

Thor trailer from Loki's perspective.Just about the best video EVER! best minute and 15 seconds of my life! Marvel why can't you see that everybody would love a Loki movie!