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Robert Louis Stevenson (b/w photo)

Robert Louis Stevenson – was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. Stevenson now ranks among the 26 most translated authors in the world.

"Non rinuncio a niente. Semplicemente faccio ciò che posso perché le cose rinuncino a me"   #Cortazar100

Julio Cortazar - Julio Cortázar was an Argentine novelist, short story writer, and essayist. Known as one of the founders of the Latin American Boom, Cortázar influenced an entire generation of Spanish-speaking readers and writers in the Americas a

Julio Cortazar #PBOARDyazarlar  |Pinner: LivingSavory #psearchBoard Author: AUTHOR

Julio Cortazar #PBOARDyazarlar |Pinner: LivingSavory #psearchBoard Author: AUTHOR

"T.S. Eliot" born Thomas Stearns Eliot, September 26, 1888, St. Louis, Missouri and died January 4,1965, London, England at age 76, American by birth, British from 1927.  A poet, dramatist, literary critic and editor. Photo is outside the original Faber premises at 24 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London, UK.

Eliot Photo is outside the original Faber premises at 24 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London, UK.

Csehov és Tolsztoj (  A.P. Cechov and L. Tolstoy)

Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy: September 1828 – November 1910 was a Russian writer who primarily wrote novels & short stories. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: January 29 1860 – 15 July 1904 was a Russian physician, dramatist and author.

John Banville, Irish, cuddly, endearingly grumpy, won the Booker, wrote the Infinities which made me laugh, wrote The Book of Evidence which defeats me - I've started it 3 times but never finished, is wryly funny at his 'author talks', is intimidatingly well read and intelligent and deservingly self-centred. Very entertaining man. On my dinner party list :)

"How could they survive, these gentle earthlings, in a world that was made to contain us?" --John Banville, Book of Evidence

Jorge Luis Borges,  24 agosto 1899 - scrittore, poeta, saggista, traduttore e accademico argentino.

Borges, Argentine writer, master of long sentences, Nobel laureate and cat lover.

Federico Garcia Lorca, Spanish writer and poet. (also the lover of Salvador Dali until he was assassinated by Franco in the Spanish Civil War).

The Turbulent Love Story That Salvador Dalí Kept Secret Until His Death

Victor Hugo -  Amigo secreto postagens mais inteligentes por favor ;.)

Victor Hugo author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was born Feb 1802 with the sun in Pisces, moon in Sagittarius, and Neptune rising in Scorpio.