Honestly, it doesn't matter if you do or not, this is so important regardless of if you ship it or not and I am pinning it because it's so important

Honestly I dont like Phan shippers who go overboard with it, harass dan and phill about and call fans who don’t ship them fake fans like pls calm down mate

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I want an inside joke with Dan.*Cries in corner*<<don't worry, I'll cry with you *also wants inside joke* *also cries in corner*<< guys don’t cry, craft!

Dan as a lawyer- I would picture him very sad, and trapped. I don't like the thought of him being surrounded by serious business.

but seriously, you don't know the things i would do to see dan to see dan act as an attorney in a court case<<I would purposely commit crimes just so he could be my lawyer xD


I feel like Dan, Phil, and Thomas Sanders are in a tie for cutest person on the planet.

tabitha casper and dil howlter - Google Search | OMG THIS IS JUST TOO FREAKY ACCURATE FOR WORDS.

Top: Tabitha Casper (aka T-Bag in Dan and Phil language) Middle: Dil Howlter Bottom: Eliza Pancakes (aka Dil's stalker)

i've gone too deep into the phandom

You know you're addicted to Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil if you can hear Dan Howell saying that sentence above.


im praying that either phil does this or dan says it to him>>>I actually thought of Phil coulson but I guess either would work <---- Yeah I'm pretty sure she's talking about Phil Lester because her URL is howellinfordan.<<< Dan better say this to him