White Tulips, Oil painting.  Varvara Harmon Oil

“White tulips”, oil on canvas Put all my effort to find time (between job, college classes, and shoveling never ending snow) and fi.


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Peony's Glow $5675 150x150cm oil on Linen canvas This is a large stunning Painting

Sabine Kehoe is an Australian floral artist who paints lifelike Paintings of flowers, fruit, people, places, still life. Her paintings are photographic in acrylic and oil.

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Beginner canvas painting idea of rainbow colored tulips. I can't find the artist who painted this it looks like it was acrylic? But it is beautiful.

Watercolor Painting Tips

Always wanted to learn how to paint water realistically? My unique process teaches you how to paint water, and see water in a whole new way.

Susannah Blaxill Watercolors - These stunning Susannah Blaxill watercolors are full of life, displaying incredible detailing along with a rich use of color. Blaxill, known for he...

Picturesque Plant Paintings

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible Paintings by Susannah Blaxill