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President Obama has been on vacation 78 days from 2009 to 2011.  At the three year mark into their first terms, George W. Bush spent 180 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas and Ronald Reagan spent 112 vacation days at his ranch in California.  Calls to several Presidential libraries reveal that President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was on vacation more — 1,020 days — than any U.S. President since Herbert Hoover and possibly more than any other President in history.

obama Releases osama bin Laden Adviser who Vowed to Kill Bush by DG obama gave jihadists a New Year's present They include adel Al Hakeemy

Just sitting there like a bump on a log.  A very orange bump.

Pinner-"Hope the "Poor Republicans" (and there are many) who voted for these Imbeciles saw how your party truly feels about you. If the GOP have their way, you won't get a penny more.I think that's fair if you voted for them.

For the Ann Coulter quote, go here: http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2006/06/06/5655/coulter-911/ And for Glen Beck's quote, go here: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1632809/pg1

There's your truth. There's your conservative heroes.


Repugnant-cans - If 147 executive orders make Barack Obama a "czar" and a "tyrant," then what do 291 make George W. Bush, 381 make Reagan, and 166 make Bush Sr.

Republicans feel that corporations should make billions in profit, pay little in corporate taxes and pay corporate workers little to nothing. I think the hundreds of millions republicans collect in campaign funds might have something to do with it.

Senate Republicans block minimum wage increase bill

Greedy Republicans who don't care about the working poor

Ryan against women...and gays, and immigrants, and native Americans...it's not JUST about women, but women of all varieties

Paul Ryan, just another typical chauvinistic, misogynistic and heartless Republican politician!

The Piety Paradox: America is simultaneously the most professedly Christian of the developed nations and the least Christian in its behavior. http://www.marioninstitute.org/node/230 God's Political Party: The Ten Commandments of our Party of God. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/540924605219994639/ “The fruits of Christianity were religious wars, butcheries, crusades, inquisitions, extermination of the natives in America, and the introduction of African slaves in their place” - Arthur…

God vs Republicans: Personally, I'm tempted to hope that he'd do a version of over turning all of them.

Separation, Idiot!! Or is it ok with you if our gov't is run by religious laws? What if they aren't your religions laws? What then?

Or is it ok with you if our gov't is run by religious laws? What if they aren't your religions laws?

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Don't forget the GOP continue Tax Breaks to Corporate Moochers to Outsource Jobs and Refuse to pass Jobs Bill for Veterans/Civilians. b/c being Corporate owned Communist loving Fascists says it all!