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If you're a color addict, then you know the struggles of picking the perfect color. How do you put into words that exact shade you're looking for? Well, you need a color thesaurus. If only something like that existed. Oh wait — it does? Yup, and here it is.

Find the Perfect Hue with This Handy Color Thesaurus

Ever wish you had a color thesaurus? Craving a more evocative term to describe a color than basic "red" or "blue?" Delight in this colorful infographic!

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Women's Black and White Horizontal Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt, Light Blue Ripped Denim Shorts, Black Leather Lace-up Flat Boots, Purple Horizontal Striped Socks

How to Plump Your Lips Without Taking the Kylie Jenner Challenge

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Imagen de kylie jenner and snapchat

I just posted a video edit for you guys, check it out & comment if you like it or nah 🔥✔

Kylie Jenner looks like she's still in a Coachella state of mind!

Kylie Jenner from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Photos

I’m just writing to let you know that a grandpa in overalls and a farmer’s hat took down a bunch of paparazzi outside of an LA club after photographers started shoving his granddaughters. It was all for the sake of an group selfie with Kylie Jenner, and the dude kept a cigarette in his mouth the entire time. Sentences like these are what the English language was meant for, I guess.

An Overalls-Wearing, Cigarette-Smoking Grandpa Beat Up Kylie Jenner's Paparazzi

Kylie Jenner Stops for Young Fans This Time, But Grandpa Brawls with Photogs!

Kylie Jenner – 2015 GQ Men Of The Year Party in Los Angeles

Kylie Jenner – 2015 GQ Men Of The Year Party in Los Angeles, Kylie Jenner latest photos