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Hiding from the paparazzi

:) Baby girl looks so cute in my big sunglasses, if only she leaves them on when I have my camera, this would be such a cute picture!


I remember always seeing this picture in my great-grandparents house. They have gone home to be with The Lord but this pic always reminds me of them discussing the farm! This would be a good idea for a pic of me & my sisters child!

hahahaha oh my lord

Whether you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for your baby or just want to smile and laugh at some ridiculously cute babies in costumes, you are in the right place!

Freakin adoreable.  But really, have these kids seen Wayne's World?  It's like that pageant mom who dressed her girl up as Pretty Woman...

Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent! I love wayne's world, and have a blond and brunett child! Why didn't I think of this! NEXT HALLOWEEN!

So cute! Star Wars Baby Costume - R2D2 Baby Clothes

Justin would love this: Princess Leia baby costume. We could all do Star Wars :)

OMG Charlotte totally needs a panda suit

Baby Panda

ohmyasian: “ (via Thing Ever.) Baby Girl in Panda Suit. So cute I’m dying…brb. I’m dying from cuteness! This is my future child!

déguisement diy à fabriquer soi-même mickey mouse fille garçon

Déguisement Halloween pour enfant à fabriquer soi-même

Design by Vík Prjónsdóttir whose products are all made from Icelandic wool and are inspired by local myths and stories – past and present. (found in http://manmakehome.com/)

It's a baby seal onesie. (made in iceland from wool, not seals)

A Clockwork Orange is guaranteed to scare

Since we all can't be promiscuous bumblebees for Halloween, I thought I'd compile a list of literary costumes.