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Ancestral Pueblo Jars

Ancestral Pueblo jars AD 9001130 Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico Clay, paint

As escavações de Çatal Huyuk ficaram famosas na década de 1960, quando começaram a revelar a existência de belas expressões artísticas. Em 1993, uma equipe internacional de arqueólogos – liderada pelo britânico Ian Hodder – deu início a novos trabalhos, descobrindo que aquela região da Turquia, chamada Anatólia, foi o centro de uma cultura bastante avançada da Pré-História ( cf. José Sergio Osse – Supermundo – Agosto/2008). Da pasta: Adendo I - Ícone.  Catal Huyuk Turkey

Figurative Sculpture of a Neolithic Abundant Goddess From Catal Hoyuk Turkey with copper wash finish side view. year old goddess figure from Turkey.

Images of goats, birds, trees, and other plants decorate both sides of this lentoid flask. The origin of this lentoid flask has been the subject of much discussion. The vessel's fabric, burnishing technique, and the paint in two distinct colors—black and red—have strong parallels in Levantine pottery of the eleventh c. BC It is probably one of the earliest Phoenician vases imported into Cyprus.

Lentoid (round with eye) Flask probably one of the earliest Phoenician vases imported into Cyprus from the Levant. Decorated with goats, birds, trees, and other plants.

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Ancient female figurines recollects the world's primordial spiritual art in all its diversity, its deep continuities and global connections.- A Syrian bronze goddess, middle bronze age IIA, B.

Cypriot pottery from Vounous, antiquities collection - World ...

Explore early Bronze Age Cypriot pottery from Vounous, Cyprus, part of our antiquities collection.

Idole féminine anatolienne dans le style a-b-c -3500 -2500 avant J.C. Publication 18 Janvier, 2016 420 × 627 dans la mythologie antique et Réalité actuelle Part One

Anatolian Idol in the Form of a Stylized Female Figure 3500 BC, 3500 BC - 2500 BC Anatolian

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