Przybycie opiekuna....

Leszek Andrzej Kostuj ~ Arrival of the Morning Guardian - oh my! A new favorite artist!

Council III by FrodoK on deviantART

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20-Vladimir Kushs Metaphorical Art | View Thread | AdlandPro Community

EVENING'S FLIGHT Vladimir Kush x Limited Edition Giclee Canvas The owl can appear as an attribute of the allegorical figures of Night and Dream. Being nocturnal bird, the owl became symbolic of the

Careless Land X by on @deviantART

Polish artist Leszek Kostuj paints fanciful worlds populated by otherworldly creatures.

Moon and Cowherd of Suns by on @deviantART

watercolour and black ink on paper, 2013 18 x 26 cm, Arches Hot Pressed,