ex libris bookplate of w moss, "labor omnia vincit"

Bookplate of W. Moss by Harold Nelson, 1922

Ex Libris

ex libris bookplate of W.

bookplate for John Clyde Oswald .... artwork includes hand printing press, open book, skyscrapers in city skyline / Pratt Institute Libraries, Special Collections, NYC, USA

Bookplate from Pratt Institute Libraries collection - John Clyde Oswald

Harold Nelson ~ St. George and the Dragon ~ Ex-libris for anon ~ 1905 ~ Harold Edward Hughes Nelson (1871-1948), usually known simply as Harold Nelson, was an artist, illustrator, designer of bookplates, advertisements and postage stamps, copper etcher and engraver, and lecturer. He signed his works with the initials N. or H.N.

kriemhildsrevenge: “ Harold Nelson Ex-libris (bookplate) Great Britain, ca.

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"Infinite Riches in a Little Room" What a wonderful bookplate ; I love images of children reading books. I wonder where The Children's Book.

Georg Barlösius, ex libris Georg Kitl

Ex Libris in the mountains


≡ Bookplate Estate ≡ vintage ex libris labels︱artful book plates - Ex libris for Albert Fair by Fernand Chalandre, 1919 wonderful woodcut

Ex Libris nel volume "I believe" di C. Fadiman del 1939

Maxwell depicts cosy reading chair and crowded bookshelf by fireplace, with open book on footstool, 1939

Woodrow Wilson | 35 Bookplates Belonging To FamousPeople, Books

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Walter P. Chrysler's bookplate was designed by E.B. Bird

Style - Writing and Luxury Goods

Ex libris Dr. Otto Broxner black and white arches bookplate

Ex libris Otto Brixner ~ Description: Mountain viewed through portal ~ Diocesan and Regional Library at Skara ~ Gustav Sandstrom's bookplate collection

Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie

Random thoughts from a passionate bookplate collector.

bookplate for ??? Bain ,,, depicts scene of missionary priest reading book in canoe paddled by Indians, centred on maple leaf, surimposed on forest of trees / Toronto Public Library Special Collections, Ontario, Canada

Bain bookplate by A. Howard - c.

≡ Bookplate Estate ≡ vintage ex libris labels︱artful book plates - Bookplate of Meredith Nicholson.

bookplate of Edgar S. and Ruth M. Gorrell

Bookplate of Edgar S. and Ruth M. Gorrell by artist Horatio Nelson Poole