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Superhero shoe wings! - littleyoyostyles.com.au

Look, out on the playground! Is it a plane? Bring out the inner superhero in your little one with these superhero shoe wings

DIY-Zapatillas con alas / Sneakers Wings-DIY

Mireia's World: DIY-Zapatillas con alas / Sneakers Wings-DIY

4x4 5x7 ANGEL Fairy Shoe Wings Machine Embroidery by nufdoog, $5.00 PERCY CHIC!!!!

ANGEL Fairy Shoe Wings Machine Embroidery In-Hoop Design Super Hero Fantasy steampunk cosplay Percy Jackson Hermes Mercury Inspired

wings for your converse!

Decorative Wings for Converse

The Decorative Wings, handmade of cotton and designed by feature five holes with metal grommets you can loop your laces through. With these wings, Hermes can’t touch you.

Winged Helmet Headband!  Okay, winged helms are awesome!     I had my hubby make me this winged helm and armor about 6 years ago.  Wor...

DIY Tutorial DIY Halloween Crafts / DIY Valkyrie, Hermes, Mercury or Thor's Winged Helmet headband!

Super hero shoes.....@Andrea Gonzales Osterberg you have got to make these for the boys!!! Caleb would love these so much!!

Superhero footwear for that special "electrifying" superhero! All superheroes interested in speed wear Converse high-tops, by the way!

Give your shoe wings with shwings!

Try shwings! You can pimp your old shoes and turn them into new or you can make your new sneakers fly just by adding shwings.