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...friendship - a language everyone understands...  Apprentice monks,  Bhutan.

Sustainable, Happy, Efficient: A Complete Indicator of Well-being

6 reasons why Bhutan is the most livable country on Earth

6 reasons why Bhutan is the most livable country in the world - Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides, News & Information!

The Brokpa are an isolated community in the far east of Bhutan, where about 5,000 of these highland pastoralists live in and around the villages of Merak and Sakten. The Bropka are ethnically distinct from other Bhutanese, having migrated through the Himalayas from the Tshona region of Tibet a few centuries ago, and their settlements are extremely remote: getting there requires multiple days of trekking and the crossing of a 4,300-meter (14,000-foot) pass. Well, it did. The first road to…

They are designed to keep the rain from running into their faces with the addition of twisted tufts of of the hair

Blushing Buddha

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Bhutan experience – A peaceful world at the height of 5.500m

Bhutan experience – A peaceful world at the height of

The peaceful Paro Taktsang towers above Bhutan’s Paro Valley (Credit: Credit: Paul Street/Alamy)

The world’s most beautiful places of worship

Paro Taktsang, 7 most spectacular places of worship from around the world

Festival masks

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Vegetable Seller - Bhumtang

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Woman at work . Bhutan

Woman wearing a kira (native dress) carrying a loaded basket in Bhutan

Tamshing Monastery Tsechu festival

A musician in traditional dress at the Tamshing Monastery Tsechu festival, Bhutan Copyright (C) Gavin Gough all rights reserved.

Festival in Bhutan, copyright Margot Raggett - Rough Guides


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