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"Hey, Hey, I have something to tell you." "Ugh, What do you want?"

"Hey, Hey, I have something to tell you." "Ugh, What do you want?

I love how huge baby animals paws are (: cutest thing ever watching them grow into their paws lol

Jaguar cub with mom. Notice the spots: a jaguar has a pattern within each spot reminiscent of an ink mark done with two fingers and thumb held together. A leopard has no such marking within its spots


Amur Leopard by Big Cat Photography. The rarest big cat in the world, on the edge of extinction in the wild, due to habitat loss and poaching, for their magnificent fur.




so sweet Baby aw Baby giraffes are probably one of the cutest baby animals out there! Baby giraffe, too cute!

Jaguar cub!

Maderas the cub, June Photo by Penny Hyde - San Diego Zoo pan pan Diego Zoo Make The World Amazing

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Amazonas puede referirse a: Amazonas, pueblo legendario de mujeres guerreras de la mitología griega. #viajesdemundo #viajes #amazonas #colombia #selva

How to say it is a jaguar: very rounded, robust and stocky. Fur is rather short due to the humidity levels in the rainforest. The rosettes are large, with heavily 'broken' borders. Many of the rosettes also have a small spot on the inside.