"Knit Chunky Gray Cowl Loose Chunky Knit Cowl Chunky Scarf New Astrid Iron Grey Neck Warmer Hood Scarf Outlander Claire Fraser Infinity Cowl The New Astrid is one of my favorite designs. Unquestionably cozy, stylish, and cute with a sort of a wild and funky feel to it, yet relaxed and comfortable. Stretchy with a lot of give so it can be wrapped twice round or as a hood if you like for a totally new New Astrid look. A Claire Fraser in the new world style. Made of a machine washable, warm and coz Hood Scarf, Chunky Knit Cowl, Outlander Claire, Infinity Cowl, Chunky Scarf, Chunky Scarves, Claire Fraser, Hooded Scarf, Knit Cowl