beach baby sea turtles - omg I would be in heaven! I love sea turtles - especially babies! Looking forward to the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

We need to go to the beach this summer and take this picture! :)haha

cute pose for me and my friends at summer camp this summer at the lake

Late boat rides<3

The best thing about summer is having Your best friend by your side and going on a boat ride:)

Yes!!! Let's travel the world together and play in the water!  www.dubtravel.com to save money on everything.  If you want a simple explanation, go to www.mycashback.guru.

so grateful to have been able to travel in my life so far. Grand Cayman will always be a revisited favorite!


5 Ways to Use Summer to Boost Your Mood

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During the summer I could stay up so late without any problem, now that school's back I can barely stay up past 10. -Unknown <3

Dreaming of a PINK summer.with the best things in life: a good book, music, and the beach!

Baby turtles!!!!!

Baby Turtles, once when I was a young woman, I sat on a beach and as day turned to night, all around me hatched baby sea turtles.I have been blessed to have been there.