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Jugando con la Luna

Would you like to swing on a star, carry moon beams home in jar, and be better…

3.5 seconds.. feels like a lifetime. #pascalcampion #Alaska  Jumping off rocks.. a theme I like drawing a lot!  Pascal Campion

feels like a lifetime pascalcampion Jumping off rocks. a theme I like drawing a lot!

Stunning Moon Through Purple                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Stunning Moon Through Purple

Michał Mozolewski-Poland: Tumblr

Each melancholic photo will make a different impression each time. Artist Michal Mozolewski uses a combination of photography and digital illustration

No lo dudo...es perfecto.Nos eleva. Big fat red moon .. Muna

Healing ensues from the willingness to accept the power of mind, and the willingness to never allow the mind to say something negative without challenging it and replacing it with a positive thought. Hawkins (Image: GÜNEŞE YOLCULUK - By Ayşe Tem

 butterfly spirit

anyway the (stupid) moon took forever. I used so many references that it wasn´t normal anymore.

Let us remember within us The ancient clay, Holding the memory of seasons, The passion of the wind, The fluency of water, The warmth of fire, The quiver-touch of the sun And shadowed sureness of the moon.~John O'Donohue To Another Reality ..by Vimark

♂ Dream Imagination Surrealism Surreal art by To Another Reality .by Vimark >> Surreal - Dreaming - Fantasy

On the Ground but still Falling… Utilize all the advantages that you are provided when you are Descending…..

On the Ground but still Falling?

When GOD leads you to the edge of a cliff, Trust him fully. Only two things can happen; either he will catch you when you fall or he will teach you how to fly.

do you know the key to your Wonderland? Do you know how to go through in darkness to light?

Peeking through the keyhole of your mind. Is it wonderfully scary.or scarily wonderful.

En la vida todo sigue un proceso, un camino que aunque se complique siempre tenemos que salir adelante

Parisian Fine Art Photographer Vincent Bourilhon creates whimsical photography that sits on the border between dreams and reality. Through the use of graphics and digital retouching, Bourilhon creates stunning imaginary worlds that feature beautiful cinem