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Velas de frutas

Velas de frutas

Adorn any type of cake with these simple fruit candles for a simply festive birthday cake. These candles give a natural and classy look, for a memorable birthday touch. To make the assorted fruit candles you will need – fruit …

Napkin folding - 9

68 Beautiful Napkins Fold To Dress Up Your Table


Anniversary Cake

Make a mini anniversary cake. At it’s widest, it’s inches—perfect for 2 people. It tastes like a wedding cake too. You know the wedding cake taste—fruity, decadent, and rich. A candy thermometer is necessary for the Italian buttercream icing.

tea party games jar of candy - You can also place a clear jar filled with some type of candy (gum balls, tootsie rolls, skittles etc.) and have them guess how many are in there. At the end whoever was closest gets to take it home! What a cute idea!

#Chocolate #Strawberries & #Kiwi~

"The world's simplest dessert! Strawberries dipped in chocolate." 5 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped (or use dark or semisweet chips) 1 pint fresh strawberries with leaves 2 Kiwifruit ( Slice.

Jesus in Love Blog: Welcome the New Year with rainbow candles! Bridge of Light honors LGBT culture

"Rainbow Reflections " by Kittredge Cherry Welcome the new year by lighting rainbow candles for Bridge of Light, a new winter holiday hono.

outside light decorations - clustered candles in square glass containers!

I love this look for winter. This could be very cool for a Christmas party. Basically, they took plexiglass boxes put candles in them and hung them with ribbon.hopefully our new home will have a nice porch like this cause its gorgeous!