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Vissevasse  -  Ice Cream Lady

Strawberry ice cream, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream and pistachio ice cream.

Architectural London prints by Will Clarke

Looking for some original artwork for your walls? Take a look at the architectural London prints by Will Clarke. Clarke is a south London-based arti

Swissted é um projeto do designer gráfico americano Mike Joyce, que uniu as suas paixões por modernismo suíço e música, recriando flyers de shows com a tipografia do estilo suíço dos anos 50. Fonte: http://www.swissted.com/

Designer Mike Joyce, of Stereotype Design in New York City, has started the Swissted project . It’s a collection of re-imagined posters he’s designed for punk concerts that actually happened, from the and except in Swiss modern style.

Japan: Bungeishunju, 2015. paperback. 115 works by Junko Oki reproduced in this beautiful and inventive book. The back of the book includes short narratives that accompany each thumbnail of the work. As I wrote the narratives, I looked attentively at the photos I took of my works and went on a trip deep inside by conscious mind . The poetry of her narratives match the exquisite stitching. She muses on her technique: I don't practice before I begin to

Punk: Junko Oki by Junko Oki on Art Books Press

London, England by Jazzberry Blue - East End Prints

London, England by Jazzberry Blue