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Un sitio permite averiguar si tu pareja está en Tinder http://j.mp/1S58xwp |  #Noticias, #Stalkear, #SwipeBuster, #Tecnología, #Tinder

Un sitio permite averiguar si tu pareja está en Tinder http://j.mp/1S58xwp | #Noticias, #Stalkear, #SwipeBuster, #Tecnología, #Tinder

Maravillosa colección de imágenes para compartir. http://www.facebook.com/el.museo.fotografico/photos_albums - https://www.flickr.com/photos/jose-alfredo-avila-vega/sets - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112676216469001347499/albums

Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures added 62 new photos to the album: Fairy and Dragon.

Elven dragon warrior trainer

Random Fantasy/RPG artwork I find interesting,(*NOT MINE) from Tolkien to D&D.

Anne stokes

This is Rosemary. She is of fairy descent, as her grandmother was a pixie. She has been fighting the evil fairies along with her pet dragon, Spike, for three years now. She is known as the official protector of the mythical creatures in fairy country.

Campaign Background & Timeline - Lore of The Risenlands Wiki.  /Absolutely love this picture EL./

Campaign Background & Timeline

We present in this item, fantasy and mythical creature by Sandara. Sandara is a young and talented artist from Singapore.

Prehistoric Dragons 2 by Rodrigo-Vega

Instead of giving you the classic elements, this quiz is about which historical dragon you would be.

Another dragon scene ( requested )

I think I've talked myself into getting the dragon tattoo I've always wanted but been too chicken to actually do. I love this style, it's gonna be my inspiration.

this would be awesome on a wall in the house i want to build

The mane might be a different color, but the fire goddess (Sols wife) would look like this, with the different style underscales.

Dragon Head Designs

Dragon Heads by ~KatePfeilschiefter on deviantART. Not just typical dragon heads, but taken from all kinds of animals :-)


Todd Lockwood - reminds me of Battle of Bonnyblair, Fairgean and humans in the water, sea serpents, dragons.