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Spike City Torvus's family loves on a mom with a capital city that looks like this. This is where all of his space ships launch off of. It has a pink sky. Probably a gas giant.


That is one seriously big spacecraft. The Welcome by British illustrator John Harris


Here is another artist, John Harris. Harris is an American artist and his specialty is spaceships… BIG spaceships.

The Art Of Animation, Ryan Gitter  -...

alienspaceshipcentral: “scifiartofficial: “Valley 01 by Ryan Gitter … More inspiring sci-fi art on SciFiArtOfficial ” From one science fiction lover to another….

Alien Emergencies by John Harris as used for the James White book of the same name

John Harris Alien Emergencies, 2001 Oil on Canvas x Architecture & Fantasy

fuck yeah cyberpunk                                                                                                                                                                                 More

ArtStation - Conceptual Architecture Design, James Paick To look: Creative theme - Future, sci-fi archi Painting technique