Free kawaii potato amigurumi pattern.

He’s not great for baking, but don’t worry. Potato-chan only wants to be your friend. He’ll keep you company anytime you need it, and you don’t need to do much to take care of him. He’s just a kawaii potato<<<< AWWW

Custard Meowchi Mochi Kitten Plush- Mochi is a Japanese rice cake snack that is soft & sweet. These kittens are so puffy they look just like sweet mochi~ They will keep you warm and happy all night long! They stand 5.2 inches tall from ear tip to tummy, are overstuffed, & made from a super soft minky fabric with embroidered features! Hypoallergenic materials. Recommended ages 5+

Tasty Peach Studios — Meowchi Plush Custard Comes in many different colours!

Plush axolotl toy - Cuddly Stuffed toy axolotl - axolotl softie - axolotl plushie - kawaii axolotl - handmade toy

Plush axolotl toy Stuffed toy axolotl axolotl by CreepyandCute

Kawaii Plushies For Sale; The Cutest Place Online; Kawaii Plush - Kawaii Plush; Panda, Hippo, Alpaca, Bear, Tiger and More Plushies For Sale!

Kimchi Kawaii Plushies (Super Cute Kawaii!!)

picture of Pote Usa Loppy Field Plushies (Big) 1

Pote Usa Loppy Field Rabbit Plush Collection (Big)

Where do rabbits belong? Outdoors on the field eating delicious veggies, of…

Tasty Peach Studios — Meowchi Plush Strawberry

Meowchi Plush Strawberry

Cats Toys Ideas - Tasty Peach Studios — Meowchi Plush Strawberry - Ideal toys for small cats

Fuwa-Mofu Pometan Dog Plush Collection (Big) 7

Fuwa-Mofu Pometan Dog Plush Collection (Big)

kawaii plush stuffed toys - cuddly and furry friends Fuwa-Mofu Pometan Dog Plush Collection (Big) 7

TENTA CO - Giant Melty - $50.00 - Purchased at Anime Boston for $45.00!

Giant Melty~ Super soft and great for hugging! The original octopus disguised as a dropped ice-cream cone!