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so many beautiful things in one picture - ryan gosling & jake gyllenhaal

Don't these make you smile.

Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl," Loved him in "The Notebook"

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Just seeing him makes me tear up thinking about the movie!

Ryan Gosling - Hey girl, sometimes I get so sad when we can't watch the Gilmore Girls together :(

LOST - OK not a movie but so well shot and produced that every week was like seeing another film! I miss it! Best ever. And hello, look at these guys!

Jack and Sawyer (Matthew Fox & Josh Holloway) LOST . 2 of my favorites!


Okay, okay, I couldn't help myself! There have been so many fun "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling photos circulating lately that I couldn't resist wo.

I think I just died a little...

I didn't think biting a T-shirt could be sexy until I saw this picture. Thank you for proving me wrong Ryan Gosling.

Men take note: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Marry Me?

Jake Gyllenhaal- those blue eyes, oh my!

Jake Gyllenhaal (blue eyes & dark hair is my weakness)


Ryan Gosling in Blue Tux# evening suit# fashion suit# fashion style # I'm at Galla# bow tie# sapphire blue# tux shirt# tuxedo # celebrity style

crazy stupid love...i wish they would date in real life.

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - Jacob and Hannah in Crazy Stupid Love - Hannah to Jacob "Will you take off your shirt.

Yes, I know it's Ryan Gosling and I love him. But look at that little girl's dress!

faith wladyka and ryan gosling Harvey. Men with children is always cute. Ryan Gosling with children is just amazing!

Mike de Vaal

Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal

Nothing beats a gray suit and skinny tie Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling open henley necklace accessory headshot

LA native Michael Jason Enriquez has taken well known celebrities and give them a make over, Chola style!This throw back to the subculture involves plenty of sharpie eyebrows, dark lip-liner, and facial and neck tattoos is simply fantastic

what a hunk

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal lands the cover of GQ Australia November 2013 edition shot by Nino Munoz.