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Internet users who use social networking tolos: graphic breakdown from Pew by age, gender, race - Usuarios de internet que usan medios sociales - gráfico por edad, sexo y raza

Blacks and Hispanics More Likely Than Whites to Use Twitter

Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014 by Jeremy Waite #SocialMedia #MarketingTips #RedesSociales

Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014?

#Twitter en 2012 #infografica #smm

Twitter 2012: The Projected Stats & Facts [Infographic]

Today's American teenagers are digital natives — connected to the Internet since youth. About 75% of 13 to 17-year-olds have personal social networking accounts. Since 2008, the...

Social Media-Connected Teens Seek Time Offline [STUDY]

[Teens Torn About Their Social Existence?] The folks at Common Sense Media put together an infographic from data collected in their report ‘Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives’. It’s an interesting look especially for marketers b

The Scientific Guide to Pinterest Marketing

The Scientific Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Por que o Pinterest parece ser o futuro do E-commerce [Infográfico] » Brainstorm9

O poder do Pinterest [Infográfico]

Since you're here on Pinterest, might as well think how you wish to maximize its use.

is the next social commerce game changer, but it certainly won't be the last. Video, music, and location still need work as well in social retail.

SOCIAL MEDIA -        Best Practices On #Pinterest #Infographic #SocialMedia.

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