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I'd name a boy percy, girl annabeth, then boy Leo, than Nico, than Hazel, than Piper, than frank, than Jason, then thalia, then bianca, That's only like what... ten kids?

Lemme see ummm Percy annabeth Leo Jason piper frank hazel Rachel Reyna NICO Bianca Zoe Luke grover Clarisse conner travis Thalia chris Katie Selena Beckendorf ( Charlie ) calypso tris TOBIAS Will Christina Uriah Katniss Peeta Gale Prim Finnick Annie

We can braid Sam's hair!

* image a sleepover with all of your favorite characters. * ahhh yes. sleeping in a room full of dead people. how fun.

One time this occurred..

the Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Divergent, etc. Especially with The Maze Runner lately.

All except Harry Potter and mortal instruments

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter (just started the last book today. wish me luck with the Post-Potter Depression, guys!) Hunger Games, Divergent, and I will soon start City of Bones.

so sweet

:'(<<<< ok, I can handle this. *deep breath* *a quicker breath* *starts hyperventilating* Zöe Zöe Zöe NOOOO*Sobs*

COMMENT!!!!!<<<*takes deep breath and prepares for pain* THEY ARE JUST MADE UP, THEY ARE NOT REAL!!!!!!

comment plz the one that annoys me the most gets a shoutout! Hint: I like Pretty Little Liars and Big Time Rush :) ~Kiara Bear

Actually one of my favorite things ever!!

Percy Jackson is like an adorable confused puppy that everyone loves but no one quite knows what to do with--except Annabeth, who is his beloved owner and can do no wrong in his eyes.

Fangirl version of Do you wanna build a snowman-frozen. LOVE IT

I wanna join the Percy Jackson fandom *crying* I want the books

Cyber Bullying #Humor <<Bullying isn't good, but I thought I'd share this for people whose parents think they are being cyber bullied

Yea I think they got the cyber bullying thing wrong. I'm not secretive people are just uneducated in the fandom life. That is not cyber bullying. That is a FANDOM.

My boyfriend is Jace. We meet in the hospital, I have cancer. (Crap!) Our first date is in the ocean. Our baby will be a demigod

I'm dating Jace Wayland, we met at Camp Half-Blood. Our first date was in the garden and our children will be shadowhunters <----- Finnick Odair, Met fighting demons, first date in the games, baby will be a Wizard. And daaang Jace Wayland?

Thank you so much TMI fandom!

Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, the list goes on and on.