Goofing around with your bestfriend

I have decided to avoid all things Sherlock so I don't spontaneously combust .You know, if I spontaneously combust I won't have to take finals

When I first saw him with a mustache I laughed and said: I mustache you a question, Watson your face. HEHEHE!!!

Just Sherly Things- Mustache<<< John I don't think a mustache counts as changing your hairstyle but who am I to talk lol


He's so meticulous that he would be perfect as a wedding planner. It LILAC John, get it right.

And in that moment I swear we were all John

John Watson's reaction to Sherlock kissing someone. Also my reaction to people kissing.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the first actor in history to play Sherlock Holmes who has a name more ridiculous than "Sherlock Holmes"

Funny pictures about Ridiculous names. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculous names. Also, Ridiculous names.

No we all love a good mystery that keeps us waiting for a new season even if it drives us mad and not just a little

I don't remember the name of the episode dammit!, but the one where Sherlock starts doing drugs again and is in that drug place, that billy guy that they took home I think that's the other brother!>>> THE THIRD BROTHER IS RUMORED TO BE IN SEASON 4

From the Pilot.

"Now, now, girls." - It's like the great Cyberman/Dalek face off all over again. But with less death. :P and more cake


To the tune of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Can somebody explain me why I find it so funny?