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Ahal Teke

Habib Shael by Kerri-Jo- An akhal-teke horse, famous for the metallic sheen of their coats.

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The Akhal Teke's metallic coat comes in many shades of black, brown, & gold, and is thought to serve as camouflage in the desert. Necks are long and flexible with larger eyes and ears, and manes and tails of this breed are silky with short hair.

Galahad's Golden Warrior, a palomino American Saddlebred stallion with a natural tail

Golden American Saddlebred "Galahad's Golden Warrior," a stunning palomino American Saddlebred stallion with a natural tail

Knabstrapper Horse

These 10 Rare And Beautiful Horses Are Like Nothing You’ve EVER Seen! :It’s pretty easy to see how some folks confuse these beauties for Appaloosas, though their markings are often more saturated!

Ok so I might collect horses in unique colors. Hope that's cool. (Note: JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE, THAT CAPTION IS A JOKE. God I hate these self-righteous people on Pinterest that take everything out of context. Everyone that told me off for "collecting living beings": I have been an equestrian for my entire goddamn life. I know what horse stewardship entails. I would never *actually* have more horses than I could reasonably care for. You all must be exhausting at parties.)

Beautiful‘Heza Blue Tom Cat’ the only blue roan tobiano Paint Stallion in Australia

you better strut!

you better strut!

Bentley, percheron stallion, winning the Best of Breed at the 2016 Pa Farm Show. Ow by Windermere Farms Photo by: Ken Siems of PSD Photography

Pearl PRE stallion

SOL PM II - Bay double Pearl PRE stallion from the Paco Marti stud in Spain. looks almost spray painted

44 Likes, 3 Comments - deborah (@her_name_is_deborah) on Instagram: “horseplay RG @wrenarthur  #loveletters #horses #creaturesgreatandsmall #beautifulcreatures #beauty…”

44 Likes, 3 Comments - deborah (@her_name_is_deborah) on Instagram: “horseplay RG @wrenarthur #loveletters #horses #creaturesgreatandsmall #beautifulcreatures #beauty…”

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Golden Dun Akhal-teke Horse

Golden dun akhal-teke horse by Olga Itina, via Dreamstime -- Akhal-Teke -- The Akhal-Teke evolved about three thousand years ago in southern Turkmenistan where they are the national emblem. They are named after a nomadic tribe. My fave breed!