how to apply bottom/under/lower false fake eyelashes.

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Follow these four steps for the perfect false lash application.

How to Apply Individual False Lashes Like a Pro

Ask any makeup artist worth her weight in Beautyblenders about individual false lashes, and she’ll likely sing their praises as an indispensable part of.

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The trick to making eyelashes look fake. Apply the first coat of mascara. Get a Q-tip, put some baby powder on it. Apply it to your eyelashes - this separates them really well. Apply as many coats of mascara & repeat applying baby powder.


I love this eye concept.the lashes, brow, natural touch of shimmer in the corners of the eye. Come to Glamour Lash and Brow boutique for great Xtreme Lash Extensions.

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20 Helpful Makeup Tutorials, where I can figure out how to use my Kiss false eyelashes from Influenster!

The best way to apply false lashes. You will regret not re-pinning.


The easy way to apply fake lashes. You'll regret not pinning this. The only thing is some instructions on how to apply fake eyelashes tell u to trim them from the inner corner and some from the out. So that part I guess it depends on the lashes.

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Tip #6: Rescue the Inner Corner! Even the best fake lashes by Minki Lashes may come off and stick out as the most movement on the eyelid from blinking and facial expressions happens right in that delicate spot. CLICK on the image to learn how to fix that inner corner problem with false lashes.

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Mink False Eyelashes Tips & Hacks from the Minki Lashes Queen - Minki Lashes - Best Mink Eyelashes

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Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial - 3 different styles! This glitter lips makeup tutorial guides you through 3 different styles and pros and cons for each. Glitter your eyebrows. How To: Make Your Lips Look Fuller - Makeup Geek.

Use a plastic spoon to easily apply mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any on the skin under your eyes. It also helps you to accomplish a much thicker coat.

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BEAUTY TIP :: Mascara Spoon Trick (a. the business card trick) :: Use a plastic spoon to help apply your mascara especially on the bottom lashes. The inward curve of the spoon helps get right up to your lash line for perfect mascara.