Krisztian Tejfel ilustra emociones inacabadas

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Thanks for the amazing Birthday wishes! Here's my exploration of Sombra, drawing her for the next episode :> Patreon! (Video demos, tutorials, a.

Night Time Photography  Louis Hvejsel Bork is a graphic-designer, student, and photographer from Harrogate, England. Through his photographs, he highlights the singular and melancholic atmosphere which immerse the city when night comes. Neon lights and dusk are for him a great source of inspiration and creativity, especially when it reflect on a woman face and produce a mysterious human forms against the backdrop of an artificially-lit night.

Night Time Photography

Night Time Photography Louis Hvejsel Bork is a graphic-designer, student, and…

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Best known for his portraits of beautiful women with a melancholic and surreal touch, the Hungarian digital illustrator Krisztian Tejfel is focusing on traditional-digital hybrids leaving his work

Krisztian Tejfel is an artist from Hungary who combines an education in…

Melancholic portraits by Krisztian Tejfel

Mixed media photograph by Kamil Vojnar.

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - Kamil Vojnar

Off-Duty Ballerina Portraits - Katya Gridneva Renders Dancers as They Prepare for Performances (GALLERY)

Off-Duty Ballerina Portraits

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★ Fiery Red ★ idea for the wedding video. black and white with only red being the color showing. red lips red roses and defiantly the red impress logo maybe?