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John Stewart & Black Panther

Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: Green Lantern and The Black Panther

Black Panther by Christopher Copeland This panther has a really awesome nior feeling to it dont you think?

So this is another shot of the Black Panther done for who is the same guy that purchased the previous Black Panther. I think he likes my Panther, nothin. Another Black Panther

MAN-APE: M'Baku was born in Wakanda, in Africa. He became one of Wakanda's greatest warriors, second only to the Black Panther. He plotted to usurp the throne of Wakanda with the help of the outlawed rival White Gorilla Cult and return Wakanda to a primitive state. M'Baku became a renegade and gains his powers by bathing in white gorilla blood and eating white gorilla flesh, taking the alias of Man-Ape.

Time for the Ape of the Day! Fun fact: Whenever the Man-Ape and the Black Panther fought, the real loser was T’Fred, the Wakandan palace janitor.

X MEN by MiaCabrera on deviantART

finally finished this one I had to sit my ass down and get r done! Ithink what took me the longest on this piece was trying to decide on what to put behind him.