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"El pequeño Quinquin" | www.stylefeelfree.com

"El pequeño Quinquin" | www.stylefeelfree.com

Cannes 2014 Review: A HARD DAY Is Easy-To-Love Genre Cinema

If you feel that tough genre fare in Korea has been spinning its wheels of late, you're not alone. While generally well made, the élan of yesteryear's hardboiled Korean thrillers has recently been replaced by a growing sense of familiarity.

allthingsivedone; oxbridge jacket.

allthingsivedone; oxbridge jacket.


This binge-worthy series portrays a disturbing possible future of an occupied Norway Nina Brambani Smith Falls Church, Va. There is a new TV series available to Americans who can stream content fro…

François Truffaut and Luis Buñuel (1969)

Two men who have exerted considerable influence over me. Legendary filmmakers François Truffaut & Luis Buñuel, presumably shooting the bull.

Tideland (dir. Terry Gilliam, 2005)

Jodelle Ferland & Jeff Bridges in Tideland

Ptit Quinquin Cannes Film Still - H 2014

French auteur Bruno Dumont shows his tragicomic side in this four-episode TV series that was shown as one long film in Cannes.

A Guide to the Minions

A Who's Who of the minions Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Entertainment category. Check out A Who's Who of the minions now!