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Apricots - my personal favorite; however, keep in mind all stone fruit are problematic for those on a FODMAP diet. What have we done to our food?

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#ピンク #Pink pink arches in Dubai. dont remember seeing this when I lived there, but its pretty :)


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Pitaya/Dragon fruit: frutto tropicale, originario del centro e sud America (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Salvador) ma che si sta diffondendo anche in Asia.  Il sapore è delicato, dolce e gradevole.

Pitaya/Dragon fruit: frutto tropicale, originario del centro e sud America…

Dreaming of summer fruits

The 33 Most Satisfying Things That Have Ever Happened To Food

I know a good recipe when I see one! Fluffy tiramisu pancakes smothered in mascarpone and strawberry puree…yum! A moment of guilt rushed upon me as I took my first bite into what was supposed to .

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my favorite fruits are cherries and plums. I have a plum tree but not a cherry tree.