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tipi love by the style files/ perfect for children bedrooms

Perfect for a transitional nursery, kids room or playroom, this DIY no-sew teepee idea will quickly become your kids' new favorite place to read and play. Adding a cute paper feather garland, a blanket and some pillows makes this teepee the place to be!

DIY: No-Sew Teepee

A DIY No-Sew Teepee - easy to make and creates a perfect indoor/outdoor reading nook. Looks good for us big kids, too!


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Kids room - Tent - Hoem of Eva Lilja Löwenhielm - Fantastic Frank

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teepee from Country Living. I am fairly sure I am going to spend the rest of the week making teepees. why don't I make a teepee writing room? how have I not already made a teepee?

Smile and Wave: The TeePee!

Handcrafted hideouts frequently filled the rooms in my house as a kid. Give your kids their own secret space with one of these 25 DIY Hideouts: Forts, Tents, Teepees and Playhouses.

Ya hace tiempo que quería hablar sobre … ¿Cómo hacer un Teepee? Buscando, buscando, he encontrado este colorido teepee en Thehandmadehome. Su peculiaridad es que no necesitas una máquina de coser, ni aguja, ni dedal, ni complicados patrones,… ¡Es un Teepee sin Costuras! Así que ya no tienes excusa para hacer un teepee a tu …

Handmade no sew Tee Pee I've wanted a teepee for about, oh, seven years now. did you know tipi, tepee + teepee are all acceptable?