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Mother's Love автор Roger de la Harpe, 500px, lions, львица, львенок

Lioness, cub, by Roger de la Harpe "Just like this mom, right?

photograph of lion >>Unfinished, Undone, (yet somehow not) coming Unglued 5-3-2012

Strength and beauty, bub and dads middle names are leo! leo is a tiger in astrology stuff.

God leads us

Such power yet gentle eyes


I don't post Zoo photographs but can't stop sharing this beauty "Asiatic lion" at nehru zoological park.



leon echado - Buscar con Google

African Lion King wallpaper for your desktop and other Animals & Birds wallpapers. Resizable African Lion King wallpaper for any device so you can get your Animals & Birds wallpaper on whatever screen you like.

Carol Cavalaris - Lion And Lioness- African Royalty

Lion And Lioness- African Royalty Throw Pillow by Carol Cavalaris.Design also available on matching pillow as well as fine art print.

some time you up,some you down by Irit Grencel

Lions photo by Irit Grencel.

Lion family. Animals@animal life

2013 two lion cubs play as they run around with their parents, Nati and Zevs, at the Zoo in Novosibirsk, Russia. The cubs were born on Oct. 30 but they were .

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Wild Love!!!

Lion And Lioness – The Royal Couple At Their Best - Tail and Fur

Hey im so sorry baby! ...I just want to make it up to you! ...I know your angry with me! ...please just let me know you love me! Your lovable lion is trying his best to tell you 'I love you!!!

Lions' Love King n queen of the Jungle ❤️

...  Fav Animal Animal Friends New Tattoo Male Lion Tattoo Male Wild

"Male Lion" by Peter Winnan. my new tattoo.i want it with an indian headdress.

Richard Symonds wildlife art gallery and online shop

A couple looks onto something

There's a reason why lions are the kings of the jungle.