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Ash and Elm, future tattoo concept, first man and woman created by Odin in Norse mythology. Man and woman, tree of life.

Celtic Tree Of Life And How It Relates To Tattoos

Tree of Life history and research. Celtic Tree of life and how it relates to Tree of Life Tattoos.A research, design and history page about the Tree of life thru the ages to its now modern use as a Tattoo design.

Beautiful! My idea (shape-wise) is most like the middle one. Love love! #tree tattoo #tattoo inspiration

I'm trying to get an idea of a tattoo for next year and I'm thinking of incorporating a tree! I've always loved trees and they remind me of my dad's love of gardening and making bonsais.


Wiccan and Pagan related information and photos. A little bit of this and that for all of us that have a little 'witchy' in us :)

the tree of life, love these  tattooos if i get one it will probably be a tree of life

the tree of life. when i get married i want to get the tree of life with the roots coming down to form the name I will carry the rest of my life.

weeping willow tree black and white tattoo

I wonder how her tattoo will turn out if she does have it tattooed. If so that will be the first tattoo design I have m. Tree of Life Tattoo