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El caso judicial que revoco a Plessy v Ferguson que permitia la segregacion en las escuelas publicas. Dado por un blog. Demuestra la evolucion del sistema educativa en EEUU. (foto)

Brown vs Board of education was the rule that schools could no longer be segregated. Because of this rule we now have diverse schools today.

For the second time in two years, many in Arkansas tried to assert state's rights over the authority of federal courts and the power of President Eisenhower. During the "Lost Year", LITTLE ROCK was further torn by racial conflict, societal disruptions, and political machinations.  Denying an education to all Little Rock high school youth profoundly affected thousands of families as the city ruptured into an even more divided community. -- 1958-1959

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7 Most Evil Science Experiments Ever Conducted in History

7 Most Evil Science Experiments Ever Conducted in History Vladimir Demikhovs experiments

Black Genocide in Wilmington

PRESS THE VISIT BUTTON November 1898 - Two days after the local elections in Wilmington, NC, the democratically elected and biracial government was overthrown by Democratic Party White Supremacists. Over white men participated in an attack on th

YES. Special thanks to A. Philip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car (aka Pullman) Porters, the first Black labor union to sign a collective bargaining agreement with the Pullman Company in 1925; the first ones to successfully organize the Civil Rights March on Washington advocating jobs and justice; the first Black union to successfully join/merge with their White colleagues via the AFL-CIO, establishing the federal Railway Labor Act and the National Labor Relations Act.  THANK…

politics The GOP used to stand by strong unions! GOP, stand up for Unions again!

A recruiting poster aimed at African American men during the Civil War.  It refers to efforts by the Lincoln administration to provide equal pay for black soldiers, as well as equal protection for black POWs.

Although recruitment of colored Soldiers began unofficially in the Army’s Department of the South in April Congress officially authorizes the recruitment of African-American troops with the passage of the Second Confiscation Act on July

Black Tuesday was a historical event that consisted of the stock market crashing in 1929.

Black Tuesday 1929 the stock market crash and beginning of the "Great Depression". the stock market crashed october 1929

Use this non-fiction activity based on Frederick Douglass' slave experience to enhance your Civil War or novel studies.

Frederick Douglass, Non-Fiction Activity to use for ANY Novel with Slavery Theme

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Native Americans were the original "waste not want not" people. American Indians used every bit of the animal. They were eco-friendly before it was cool.

Buffalo::::The indigenous people of North America used the entire animal as can be seen in the graphic provided by the South Dakota State Historical Society.