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Oro,Plata, Mata

Oro,Plata, Mata

Harry Potter starring Daniel Radcliff

Favorite movie: tied with Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows part two. Book: Prisoner of Azkaban

1 de julio: I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK (Ssaibogeujiman Gwaenchanha, 2006) de Park Chan-wook. Comedia en plan de romance donde una joven obrera es internada a un psiquiátrico tras un intento de suicidio. La chica se cree cyborg y trata de hacer conversación con cuanto artefacto electrico se encuentra, buscando el paradero de su abuela. Recurriendo a la imaginación los pintorescos residentes del lugar buscan a la mejor manera de ayudarla.

Korean film "I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay" is delightful. If you liked "Amelie," you will like this quirky movie as well.

My Sassy Girl. Comedy Based on a series of true stories posted by Ho-sik Kim on the Internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and then a film. Loved it:)

My Sassy Girl (2001)

You could say this is one of my all time favorite Korean movie, My Sassy Girl!

Here Are 15 Movies Turning 15 In Summer 2015

movie poster image for Gladiator. The image measures 692 * 1000 pixels and was added on 19 January

one of my favorite films.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)



Watch Leaving Las Vegas 1995 Full Movie Online Free

Ben Sanderson, an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter who lost everything because of his drinking, arrives in Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There, he meets and forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference pact with prostitute Sera.

Christopher Doyle, Maggie Cheung, « In the Mood for Love », Wong Kar-wai

In the Mood for Love // Wong Kar Wai // Cinemaphotography by Christopher Doyle

Water (2005) Director: Deepa Mehta

The film examines the plight of a group of widows forced into poverty at a temple in the holy city of Varanasi. It focuses on a relationship between one of the widows, who wants to escape the social restrictions imposed on widows, and a man who is from th