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I find it so funny that big data backups are still done with magnetic tape.

Акустическая система "35АС-1 Романтика"

Акустическая система "35АС-1 Романтика"

Катушечный магнитофон - ОЛИМП МПК-005С

Катушечный магнитофон - ОЛИМП МПК-005С


Tuner DAT, Pre-Amp, CD-Player, Cassette deck, Main Amp Would be drooling all over those when I was a kid

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An "un-named" commision piece by Dan Anderson and Brian Pietorowski. Made out of Reclaimed Pallet wood, plywood and reclaimed upholstery



This is the type of radio that Soda or Darry could have listened to while working at the gas station.

Teac Tascam 80-8 eight channel reel-to-reel tape recorder recorded at 15 ips onto 1/2-inch tape. When carefully operated by someone determined to get the best out of it, it could come close to the sound of higher-end 1-inch recorders. Used by Boston, Chicago, The Bee Gees, and Willie Nelson. It got an unfairly-deserved reputation for being a lesser quality recorder. Wrong! These recorders are wonderful when handled right.

Teac Tascam 8 channel Reel-to-Reel 15 ips tape recorder. A real classic.

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HI-FI Sphere - wow - from the time period aptly named the Atomic Age

“ “” Hi-Fi Sphere “” This round high-fidelity set of tomorrow is an effort to blend the feeling of a musical instrument with modern electronics. Note these features: The cone speakers are retract-lc,.

Nakamichi System One A system I grew up looking at while I was a kid.

new collection arrival! who is your favorite sunglassés icon. :) sunglassés are hot this summer.

LOUCOS POR RECEIVER (@loucosporreceiver) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

LOUCOS POR RECEIVER (@loucosporreceiver) • Fotos y videos de Instagram