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demonagerie: British Library, Harley detail of f. (cats and mouse with mouse stealing the Eucharistic wafers). Bestiary, with extracts from Giraldus Cambrensis on Irish birds. England, S. quarter of the century.

This owl has HAD IT with all these fucking tiny birds pecking its man-face.

medieval: “ Detail of a miniature of an owl being mobbed by other birds. From a bestiary, England, quarter of the century, Harley MS f. ” In spite of his great haircut, this owl is attacked by other birds.

Look at the backgrounds. They're reversed. Imagenes de un breviario.

Renaissance and baroque architecture essay sample Renaissance architecture is split into three periods: Early Renaissance (ca. High Renaissance (ca. and Late Renaissance

Notice the static cat's features. (Medieval Book of Hours - Austrian Institute for Culture, Krems, Austria)

Ten easy ways you can support diversity in academia

“Woman teaching geometry” Illustration at the beginning of a medieval translation of Euclid’s Elements AD)

Cat playing a lute | from a French Book of Hours, 1480-1500 [Morgan Library] @Cat Museum

LUTE "Cat playing a lute", from a French Book of Hours, [Morgan Library].

“Queen cat and monkey pope, 'Hours of Joanna the Mad', Bruges (BL, Add fol.

book of hours (the 'Harley Hours'), England century* (British Library, Harley fol.