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Solicita el Programa: info@rupicolaperu.com
Solicita el Programa: info@rupicolaperu.com
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The Humble Garden Bench - a great place to sit and a fantastic garden feature and accessory. Garden benches provide a welcome focal point and a place to sit and while away some time.

The Humble Garden Bench - my favourites

Gorgeous photography on this blog. I need to find a hat like this one with the air circulation holes at the top.

The Garden

7 beautiful examples of pleaching - Kilby Park Tree Farm
Kids between 8-10 years old, can learn all about pet care through games, activities, daily speakers, and hands-on experience with animals. Sign up for the “EdVenture Camp” held in July. Spaces are limited so sign up quickly! Truckee-Tahoe
5 Tips for Attracting Bats to Your Garden- Bats can be beneficial in your garden because they feast on pesky insects. Here are 5 easy ways to attract them.
Plantain is a common leafy green weed found all over the world. If you have a yard or have visited a park before, you’ve likely spotted or stepped on plantain! Like most things deemed as “weeds”, plan

10 Things to Make With Plantain