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We all want one of these!   Or at least try one of these!  www.arcreactions.com

Serenity - this would be my dream relaxation zone. A hammock over water



love this whole outfit! A question of style love this outfit! Love this outfit! American Girl 18 Doll Clothing Summer Dress by Vinniegirl on.

Summer!!!! :)

Give me Summer. I'm tired of drama and fighting with people I thought would be there for me I just want to be free from homework. I want to spend every waking moment at the beach and make it the best summer ever

Reminds me of my Great Grandmother in Graham, TX. She had old wringer washer and always hung out her "wash".Sometimes the clothesline would break and she would have to start all over! RIP Granny and thanks for the memories and love!

I remember my mom and grandmother hanging the clothes outside and propping the clothesline up so the sheets wouldn't touch the ground! Greatest smell in the world to crawl in bes on line dried sheets.