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Cubo Led [Esta medio Salado, no lo hice yo, es un tuto] 2

Create your own LED Cube display! We believe this Instructable is the most comprehensive step-by-step guide to build an LED Cube ever.

Standard electrical symbols

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This article describes schematics, their symbols, layout and tips and tricks for reading them. Learn how to translate schematics into the real world in the form of things you build on a breadboard, point-to-point, or some type of perfboard media.

FREE ENERGY ::: Look & build this. This circuit converts surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power. It can provide 40 Volts at 10 Watts indefinitely. The output power can be improved playing with the antenna. Placing the antenna near large metal objects gives more power. Antenna should be more than 150 feet long wire, placed horizontally as high as you can for best results. The pointing direction also is critical to the output. A highly polished aluminium sheet as a antenna…

How to Collect Free Energy from Atmosphere - Circuit Diagram Attached

One of the best break downs of the OSI model that I have seen today.

One of the best break downs of the OSI model that I have seen today.

Guide to Soldering LEDs: Save time & money with these helpful tips

Don't ruin your LEDs or PCB by incorrectly soldering - use this LED soldering guide and video to gain years of experience in only a few minutes.

❧ Home Electrical Wiring Diagrams

❧ Home Electrical Wiring Diagrams

My childhood favorite reborn!

My childhood favorite reborn!

Light Bulb Base Chart

Handy: Illustrations of lightbulb bases. Remember for California Title no screw-in bases. iWorks can advise what base is best for your custom made light fixture.