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The tiniest sombrero.

A kitten in a tiny sombrero. "Why is he in a tiny sombrero?" The question is why isn't every kitten in a tiny sombrero?

A shy little kitten after her lunch, posted via cats-and-stuff.tumblr.com

llbwwb: “ Two of the little kittens came running out from under my deck when I called them. That means at least 2 of them lived thru the Blizzard!This is what the little shy one looks like.

You missed a spot.

Why Do Cats Meow At Humans

The latest cat pictures, cat rescues, cat breeds, cat news, cute kittens and kitty cats.

Amazing Cat Island in Japan

I like cats in reality. I generally avoid them on the internet, but really this is just too great.

How to make a snow cat from WikiHow Neko Lion and Snow Cat from Sweden LongCat SnowCat .

Little sugar fighting the cake FAQ: [link] Infos Name: Sugar Location: cat-house of the cad aid organisation Actual status: found a beautiful home sugar fighting the cake

Planeta Terra, a nossa casa. / Planet Earth, our home.

Planeta Terra, a nossa casa. / Planet Earth, our home.

kittehkats: “  Found on sugarandcloth.com ”

A little bit of life lately: studios, kittens, flamingos, and home ownership.

The Bengal Cat - Cat Breeds Encyclopedia

Bengal cat information, pictures and videos.Bengal cats are not typical domestic cats, they are a cross between the Asian Leopard cat and domestic cat

so snuggly!

cute cat 27 Daily Awww: Fluffy kitty cats - b & w - super cute kitten relaxing under a knit blanket (hva)