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texts between Lloyd and her

Onin on mere

Emily bout Matt when they first met probably

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alec is grey, betsy is blue


Masudane x Wattana

Ghost's adventures with "autocorrect"

That point where Sam literally just gave up with spelling

SS: d0 y0u ever l00k at 0ne 0f y0ur friend5 and think 'why d0 i like thi5 a55-h0le? B /

Ok so if ur in the sad teen club u put sad teen club in ur bio ur first number is the number of the collaborators on the board info

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deep-sexts: Intense texts here

pinterest; astrumnauta_ *:・゚✧

Griffin and Molly

Connor to Lindsay while he's on a "mission"

Aitherius to Lucifer

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crazy straws to be exact

Pretty much...

*dinosaur screech of frustration*


david and bethany's friendship, basically

I'm normally so angry and withdrawn but with you It's the complete opposite

by beast saved kpop

My favorite thing in the whole world is your laugh

Your smile that turns into your laugh. For sure, my absolute favorite. Well actually, everything about you is my favorite!

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pinterest: kaylinsuxs

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gabe to tino