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The Anglo-Saxon god Tiw with a wolf like creature on either side. This image of Tiw was found on ornately crafted jewelry from the Sutton Hoo burial. He was the protector of all warriors, but was also said to watch over the disabled, and the left-handed. Above and below the image is wording in old english. It is the language of our ancestors and it is what modern or present day english originates from. It reads - strength, loyalty, honour and kinship

Traditional English Tattoos - an interesting look at designs dating from the time of the Anglo Saxons

linkin park poster - Google Search

linkin park poster - Google Search

"Otis Redding - The Palace, Manchester." Fantastic A4 Glossy Art Print Taken from A Vintage Concert Poster

This posters' design is very wild due to the vibrant colors of the background and the fonts. I feel that what makes this poster work the most is the fact that red of the background really enhances the yellow font of the performers.