Hidemi Sugino's Charme - a black forest gateau made with dark chocolate and kirsch soaked cherries

Hidemi Sugino's Charme シャルム (from bottom : griotte syrup-soaked chocolate joconde sponge, griottes, dark chocolate chantilly, milk chocolate chantilly) ♥ Dessert

Chocolate and meyer lemon.  #mesadedoces #minisobremesas

Lemon Mousse in Chocolate Cups Chocolate & Meyer Lemon Mousse. hot chocolate chocOlate & hazelnut meringue cake chocolate and peanut butter.


Perfect dessert for a bridal shower tea ~Chaleur Entremet - pistachio biscuit sponge, white chocolate mousse, strawberry gelee, strawberry mousse, strawberry milk glaze

Chocolate Heaven: Discover The Hidden Treasures Of Chocolate

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Roasted White Chocolate Mousse, Berry Cremeux, Brownie Cake, Cocoa Nibs Crisp & Caramel Glaze With Dark Chocolate & Sugar Decorations

The Best Chocolate Cake {My Baking Addiction blog} <3 ~ now THIS is why I love this blog! ;)

The Best Chocolate Cake recipe. A rich chocolate cake infused with cocoa and coffee creating a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Banana Bread, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese. | howsweeteats.com

Banana Bread, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese.