Elizabeth Taylor

Paris, 1964 - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton at the Gala of Lido in Paris. Taylor is wearing a fabulous golden sari designed by Balenciaga.

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Elizabeth Taylor has always been known for her beauty, her seven marriages, and her obsession with stunning jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor wore the world's premier

The Burtons

Elizabeth Taylor, Stanley Baker and Richard Burton in a bar, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, January

Elizabeth Taylor, Taylors

2 in 1, Liz portraying Cleopatra!  She is what we want Cleopatra to look like.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR in "Cleopatra" 1963 as Queen of the Nile. Taylor wore many different hairdos in the movie and British wigmaster Stanley Hall made three wigs for each style.

Elizabeth Taylor

Glossy black and white photograph of a 22 year old Elizabeth Taylor taken during her most stylized period. Photograph taken August 25