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Oswald, el conejo del que surgió mickey mouse.

Oswald, el conejo afortunado

Oswald, el conejo del que surgió mickey mouse.

Alice's Wonderland B Silent Laugh-O-gram Film.  Animado por Walt Disney. En su comienzo en la animación creó la serie "Comedias de Alicia" entre 1924 y 1930 hibridadno la imágen real y animada, donde aparecía un personaje sorprendentemente parecido al Gato Felix llamado Julius.

A 1923 animated film that is part live action by Walt Disney. Alice is played by a young actress named Virginia Davis. Alice visits an animation studio, wher.

Winsor McCay - One of the 5 grandfathers of animation

Zenas Winsor McCay – July - American cartoonist and animator, author of the strip Little Nemo

Jad Fairのアートワークかわいい

Jad Fairのアートワークかわいい

でんぱ組.inc「Future Diver」Music Clip 2011

inc「Future Diver」Music Clip 2011

Swing You Sinners! (Fleischer Studios) (+playlist)

LSD was first synthesized on November 16 1938 yet this cartoon was made in

J. Stuart Blackton, issued a short film in 1906 entitled Humourous Phases of Funny Faces where he drew comical faces on a blackboard, photographed them, and the erased it to draw another stage of the facial expression. This "stop-motion" effect astonished audiences by making drawings comes to life.

Humorous Funny Faces directed James Steward Blackton, generally regarded by film historians as the first animated film recorded on standard picture film, 20 frames per second

How to Talk About Film Without Sounding Like an Ignorant Moose: Part Seven

▶ The Enchanted Drawing - Lightning Sketches

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